Would Alan Ritchson Make a Good Batman? – 5 Reasons Why He Might

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Alan Ritchson Batman rumors are ablaze.

The guy has been in the news quite a bit lately. Whether it’s his latest movie (quite the tear jerker) or wrapping up season 2 of Reacher (it wasn’t good), he’s all over the place.

He also decided to throw his hat into the ring to play Batman. So, there’s that.

Would Ritchson make a good Batman? Possibly. Would he be a great Bruce Wayne? I have my doubts. However, to play devil’s advocate here, I’ve compiled a list of five good reasons why Ritchson could be a good fit as the new Batman in James Gunn’s The Brave and the Bold.

Ritchson Has Played Comic Book Characters Before

His time in the DC Universe has been advertised. Ritchson has played multiple DC characters already, having spent time on Smallville as Aquaman, as well as DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Titans.

Sean Chandler spoke on Ritchson possibly playing Batman a few months ago. He wasn’t blown away with excitement, but he did like Ritchson’s experience in the DCU.

Ritchson has certainly made the rounds and he’s put the work in. If experience matters, he knows how to act in comic book content, and he’s literally dipped his toe into the DC waters more than once.

If you’re looking for someone who’s been there and done that in the DCU, Ritchson checks that box.

He’s the Right Age for the Role (Probably)

Nobody really knows how old Batman will be in The Brave and the Bold. Even James Gunn doesn’t seem to, as he’s called out everyone else for thinking they know, but refuses to just say the age.

All we know for sure is that Batman will be older than Superman is. Considering David Corenswet is only 30 (and will be playing Superman), it’s reasonable to think Batman could be anywhere between 31-40.

Ritchson is 40 in real life, but he doesn’t exactly look it, and I don’t see anything that ages him out of this role just yet.

In theory, Ritchson’s in his physical prime. That could make him perfect for this role; one in which requires him to crack skulls at will, but at the same time play a father figure.

Ritchson did the latter in a recent drama, so that’s a checkmark.

Ritchson is a Total Badass (and Ripped)

Okay, now for the easy part. Alan Ritchson absolutely could play Batman because he’s proven time and time again that he’s a hulking brute that can break anyone’s head off.

It’s not just the physical prowess or action-scene experience. Nobody in their right mind would challenge either of those things.

The acting for superhero action sequences; the witty one-liners, the delivery, the tone, the convincing aura – all of that is there with Ritchson.

He proved that in this one Reacher scene alone.

I don’t know if he has what he’ll need to fully capture who Bruce Wayne is supposed to be, but there’s no doubt he can play The Dark Knight well from a physical perspective.

That said, he does move rather slowly. While big in some comic adaptations, Batman is still rather nimble and light footed. Those aren’t words I’d use to describe Ritchson.

He Wants the Role

Alan Ritchson has played a lot of roles. There are quite a few more roles he’d be a good fit for, too.

Whether or not he’s the pick for Batman remains to be seen, but if it were up to him, he’d be the guy.

Ritchson’s fandom is worth noting. His public advocacy for consideration is also something we shouldn’t ignore. Anytime a guy loudly proclaims his desire to play a popular role – and starts getting any kind of backing from fans – we should pay mind to it.

Does Ritchson wanting to play Batman mean he will? No, but the more someone is amped up for a role, the more likely that they’ll put more time and effort into smashing it.

I have zero doubts Ritchson wants to play Batman and would give it all he had.

Ritchson Has Become a Huge Star

I am among the first naysayers here. I am not totally sold on Ritchson as Batman. I see where it could work, but I also see where it could go wrong.

One thing I can’t deny, though, is that Alan Ritchson is blowing up in Hollywood. He’d already had numerous smaller roles laid out over a fairly underrated career, but he truly blossomed when he landed the Reacher gig.

Horrendous writing and poor acting doomed a majorly disappointing season two. Even so, Ritchson was the chief selling point of the first season. He’s since landed some more roles, with a seemingly fun role next to Henry Cavill in The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare only elevating his stardom.

Assuming that movie takes off, it will only aid Ritchson’s star power and there’s just no turning back from here. He is a massive dude who can act enough to carry a TV series and be featured in major motion pictures.

Does that make for a direct alignment with a Batman franchise reboot? That remains to be seen.

Should Alan Ritchson Play Batman?

So, there you have it, five solid reasons why Alan Ritchson as Batman does make sense. The rumors are racing, and a huge reason why is Ritchson’s refusal to remove himself from the running.

Whether the guy wants to do the role or not, of course, has nothing to do with what the studio wants to do or ultimately will do.

It also doesn’t mean he’s right for the role.

While there are absolutely a few good things that could help this work, I don’t think Ritchson as Batman is a good move. He’s a lot bigger than we’re used to seeing Batman, for one. He moves slowly, and I don’t think he has the acting chops to be a convincing Bruce Wayne.

Ritchson’s fire for the role is awesome. He also has good experience and he’d knock the physicality aspect of this role out of the park. But you need to be the total package for a role like this and the DC casting so far has been amazing.

I think the Alan Ritchson rumors are (or at least should be) just that; fodder for the Hollywood cannon.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like Ritchson or that there isn’t another great role for him. In fact, he’s my top pick to play The Terminator next.

Disagree with me? Think Alan Ritchson as Batman would work? Tell me in the comments below.

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