5 Best Bruce Lee Movies – Is Enter the Dragon #1?

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The best Bruce Lee movies have almost non-stop action, solid storylines, and showcase the legendary martial artist’s underrated acting chops.

Obviously Lee was best known for kicking ass and taking names, and all of his top films are badass action flicks. But which Bruce Lee movies are the best?

Whether you’re new to Bruce Lee or want to know how other people rank his best movies, my list should nudge you in the right direction. Without further haste, here are the 5 best movies Bruce Lee has starred in.

5. Game of Death (1978)

Some people hate Game of Death because it was completed after Bruce Lee’s death, and it technically has very little to do with him.

In all fairness, he really only appears at the end of the movie, and the film was made in poor taste to benefit from his untimely death.

Be that as it may, Bruce Lee was still fantastic in this movie. And he executed the “boss level” approach to perfection, working his way through increasingly more difficult aggressors until he got to the final foe.

The movie itself was not one to remember, but it ends powerfully with Bruce Lee kicking ass and taking names.

If you don’t want to watch the first half, I get it. But Lee’s epic run through the gauntlet to close this monstrosity out makes this one of his best movies ever.

4. The Chinese Connection (1971)

Bruce Lee’s character swears off violence in The Chinese Connection, trying to get through life as a regular guy at a factory. It was a promise he made to his family, after all.

Naturally, that doesn’t last very long, as he uncovers a drug ring at his place of employment, and a murderous gang of thugs takes out his family.

Oh, the irony.

Lee avenges their deaths only like he can, as he seeks payback all the way up to his corrupt boss. It’s Lee at his finest, and the movie as a whole is a heck of a lot better than Game of Death.

If you’re looking for Bruce Lee at the top of his game, a much more cohesive story than Game of Death – and one that doesn’t exploit the late actor – try The Chinese Connection on for size.

3. Fists of Fury (1972)

Bruce Lee is out for more vengeance in Fists of Fury, as a student out for blood after his beloved teacher dies.

At his master’s funeral, things get real with rival martial arts students taunting Lee’s character (Chen Zhen) and his dead teacher. While Chen initially stops himself from reacting, he eventually takes on a bunch of these hooligans and makes them regret it.

Yeah, not so taunty now, are ya?

The story only balloons from there, as everyone is seemingly out to get our main character, and Lee eventually realizes his master didn’t just die – he was poisoned.

Gasp! But really, it’s a nice little twist, and things escalate quickly. In fact, the end result is perhaps one of Lee’s most iconic endings, albeit a not exactly happy one.

Overall, this is easily one of the best Bruce Lee films, and a must watch.

2. Return of the Dragon (1972)

We’re getting to the end of my Bruce Lee movie rankings, but no such list would be complete with 1972’s Way of the Dragon. I mean, this film has Chuck Norris bare-chested getting all of his bones broken, for crying out loud.

It wasn’t good for Chuck.

Norris is just the cherry on top, of course. He’s the gun for hire that is supposed to take out Lee, who comes to town to help defend a restaurant under attack.

Bruce Lee’s character takes out a band of thugs on his owns, thwarts off a poison dart, and pisses off some mobsters so much that they send Chuck Norris to end him.

Unfortunately for Chuck, that doesn’t go as planned, and the rest is history.

1. Enter the Dragon (1973)

Okay, so you wanted the best Bruce Lee movie? It’s awfully hard to pick one, and it’s really difficult to top Return of the Dragon. But if you want his best, most complete film, it’s easily Enter the Dragon.

The previous movie I just went over had a stellar 87% rating at Rotten Tomatoes, and this one clocks in at 88%. Yeah, not a huge gap, but better is better.

It’s Bruce Lee’s true send-off prior to his death, and a balls to the wall kung fu flick. It also features one of the most iconic final fight scenes of all-time.

Bruce Lee attempts to avenge a drug gang responsible for the death of his sister, and as you can imagine, a whole lot more dying ensues.

That has him entering an intense kun fu competition, and he doesn’t stop until he goes toe to toe with the ruthless kingpin.

The room of mirrors and the claw take things up a notch, to be sure. But no matter how you look at it, this is the best Bruce Lee movie ever made.

That does it for my list of top Bruce Lee movies you need to see. There are more films of his worth checking out, but if you are new to this genre, the 5 movies discussed here are where I think you should start.

Disagree? Let me hear about your favorite Bruce Lee flick in the comments! If you like content like this – and action in particular – consider reading up on the 10 best action movies of all-time.

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