Perpetual Pop is exactly what it sounds like. It’s relevant pop culture, endlessly. What you actually think is relevant is up to you, but basically anything that falls under the entertainment category is fair game.

This is the part where we issue our mission statement, and it’s as simple as this; people like to read about celebrities, everyone listens to music, and most everyone likes to watch movies and TV shows.

Anything that falls under those categories will be touched on at our site, in numerous different ways.

From movie rankings to casting speculation, we’re here to talk about everything in pop culture that you care about, and sometimes entertainment stuff you don’t subscribe to.

More than anything, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and neither should you. Come to Perpetual Pop for your entertainment, TV show, music, movie, and Hollywood fix.

If our entertainment content makes you think, laugh, or generate your own crazy ideas about what could happen next in the world of make believe, we’ve done our job.

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