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Dave Bautista

If you’re looking for the best movies with WWE superstars, you’ve come to the right place. Of course, I’m not here to just pump out a WWE superstars movie list.

This is about actual substance. Well, as much as we can possibly get.

Let’s be real, most WWE superstars movies are about action, and not so much about acting. Still, there are some WWE stars who actually can act, and some have even been in legitimately good films.

I’ve ranked my personal top three movies featuring WWE superstars. What, you wanted a longer list? I could drag it out, but what’s the point in that? You want the best WWE superstar movies, and I’m giving them to you. One caveat? A WWE wrestler can appear just once on the list.

3. Army of the Dead (2021) – Dave Bautista

To the shock of nobody, there are numerous movies to consider when looking at Dave Bautista’s film career. He has played a key role in the Guardian of the Galaxy franchise, and he’s used his brute strength in countless other action flicks.

Most recently he played a more nuanced role in Knock at the Cabin. All of those movies are great (and worth seeing), but if you want Dave Bautista’s best movie where he really excelled the most, it’s Army of the Dead.

The seemingly completely overlooked Zack Snyder pet project got a respectable 67% critics score at Rotten Tomatoes, and a solid 75% score from the fans.

It was a thrilling, action-packed, and even emotionally satisfying ride. Not only did Bautista get to show off his action chops while dealing with zombies in Las Vegas, but his underrated acting ability was on full display.

2. Red Notice (2021) – The Rock

If Bautista has been in a lot of movies, I don’t even know how to describe The Rock’s Hollywood career to this point. The Rock’s movies have been a fun ride, but they haven’t all been winners.

It’s actually a lot easier than you’d think to forget a good chunk of them, but in all fairness, sticking to my self-imposed criteria is a bit harder than expected now that I have to single out his best movie ever.

The Rock has been in some pretty monstrous franchises. The Fast and the Furious franchise has welcomed him in, he’s had his own spin-off from that series, and he’s even been a superhero of sorts.

Maybe it’s just me, but when it comes to The Rock, I prefer a nice mixture of comedy and action. You can get that with something like Central Intelligence or even The Rundown, but it may not come in a better package than when he paired up with Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot in Red Notice.

That trio combines for quite the underrated good time, as they take us on a globetrotting journey to find a missing treasure. Come for the Ryan Reynolds one-liners, stay for the back-and-forth banter, The Rock’s action sequences, and the mother of all twist endings.

You’re in for hilarity, some fun action scenes, and a few twists and turns. It boggles the mind to realize it was horribly rated by the critics (36%), but this kind of movie is one where you should just let me and the fans (92%) do the talking.

1. The Suicide Squad (2021) – John Cena

I’m here to hand out my three favorite movies starring WWE wrestlers. I could stretch this out to a top-10 or even top-20, but before long you’re stuck thinking The Condemned and The Marine are actually worth your time.

Newsflash: they’re not.

I’ll cap things off with the only John Cena movie I can stand. In all fairness, I can’t exactly take him seriously, but he plays a perfect role as the goofy but equally badass Peacemaker.

He was so good, in fact, that he earned himself an HBO Max series. But that’s neither here nor there. Plus, he’s far from the only good thing in this flick.

As a matter of fact, this star-studded affair is a rea-life do-over for DC, as James Gunn picked up the pieces of the first try from David Ayer and made it into something special.

Margot Robbie and Joel Kinnaman were retained to play the same roles they had in the original, but everything else was otherwise rebooted. Thank goodness, as we said good-bye to Jared Leto’s Joker and said hello to Idris Elba as Bloodsport.

Hell, we even got Sylvester Stallone as King Shark, biting people’s heads off.

This movie was way funnier than the first one, had far better action scenes, and was still plenty emotional, poetic, and effectively serious when it had to be. Across the board, it was the far better movie, and the critics agreed (90%). It just so happens to be the best movie featuring a WWE superstar, too.

Ranking the Best Movies with Wrestlers

Are there more great movies with WWE wrestlers in them? Absolutely. There’s more bad movies with WWE stars in leading roles, too. A lot more.

However, I wanted to compile a list of WWE superstars movies that were 1. decent and 2. actually starred a well known wrestler. A slight cameo doesn’t do the trick here, nor does a really awful flick. The Rock has been in a lot of films, for instance, but a bunch of them have horrible grades.

Ultimately, I cut my list of WWE superstar movies to just three. Maybe I’ll stretch the list out again later, provided more WWE wrestlers make films worth watching and writing about.

That does it for my top WWE superstars movies list, though. If you feel another film should have been included, feel free to chime in below in the comments.

For now, I’ll leave you with this look at potential new Terminator actors. I’m trying to stay on brand here with the talk of muscled up superstars, after all.

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