5 TV Shows Like Jack Ryan You Need to Watch Next

Jack Ryan poster with John Krasinski
  • The Night Agent is one of the more recent TV shows like Jack Ryan that is worth watching.
  • 24 and Homeland are older, long-running shows similar to Jack Ryan you may enjoy.
  • Stick on Amazon to watch Reacher, which isn’t exactly like Jack Ryan, but similar enough.

John Krasinski is a busy man and Hollywood is pulling him in a plethora of directions. One route he won’t be taking anymore? Whichever way Jack Ryan would be going.

With the hit Amazon series done after four amazing seasons, the story of Jack Ryan ends (or probably hit the pause button, truly), and your search for another action-thriller series begins.

Believe me, there are certainly some binge-worthy TV shows worth watching, but if you’re just looking for a similar type of show, I’ve got your back.

With that, here are 5 TV shows like Jack Ryan that I’m sure you’ll like.

5. The Night Agent (2023)

It doesn’t quite elevate to the levels of Jack Ryan, but if you want a wet behind the ears agent that is thrust into a thrilling, action-packed series, you could do worse.

Gabriel Basso plays the lead, a night agent who does little else beyond answering a phone that never rings, until he’s dropped into a conspiracy-laden plot.

Adapted from Matthew Quirk’s novel, this fast-paced action thriller grabs you from the get go and never slows down.

A lack of known star power keeps it grounded at #5 in my rankings of shows like Jack Ryan, but there’s nowhere but up with a second season apparently on it’s way.

4. Special Ops: Lioness (2023)

Another great show similar to Jack Ryan is Special Ops: Lioness, which is headed by the always dazzling Zoe Saldana.

This series is set up as a stand alone limited run, but it’s simply too good to end here. It’s wrapped up neatly at the end of season one, but I suspect more could be coming soon.

Regardless, this is one of the better CIA agent TV shows you can watch. Saldana is as captivating as always, and this is not a series short on star power with giants like Nicole Kidman and Morgan Freeman stealing scenes.

The balance of work and play is on full display for Joe (Saldana) in a tense series about undercover ops, the war on terror, and the human impact for those front and center.

The acting performances are top notch here, and the action brings it home enough to earn a strong 81% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. The critics (56%) needn’t take shows like this so seriously.

3. 24 (2001)

If you’re looking for a list of TV series like Jack Ryan to watch next, why not turn back the clock a bit and rely on a classic?

Odds are you’ve seen all of the iconic 24 by now if you’re a true fan of CIA-centric content. However, in the off chance you missed it along the way, here’s my official vote to check out the Kiefer Sutherland-led vehicle.

The big draw here? You get a decade of television to catch up on here, while the hit show even branched out to the big screen.

Oh, and it’s super unique, with the audience following superstar agent Jack Bauer’s anti-bad guy fight with each season covering a single day in his hectic life.

24 checks all of the boxes for secret agent fans. It has a unique form, some serious star power, and the binge strength is strong with this one.

2. Homeland (2013)

At least initially, one series like James Ryan as far as overseas involvement and realistic setting is Homeland.

This show really taps into the human element here, following undercover operative Carrie Mathison through missions in the Middle East.

Carrie is a truly unique character and is the driving force behind a show that has never seen a season rated lower than 78% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Her battle with mental illness and a complicated relationship with a turned soldier dare this series to go completely off the rails, while keeping you glued to the screen every step of the way.

Claire Danes is absolutely flawless as the lead, while Damian Lewis is an worth adversary for the show’s first few seasons.

1. Reacher (2022)

I’ve ranked my top TV shows like Jack Ryan based on a lot of different criteria. Watchability, re-watchability, action, suspense, and star power all contribute to where each shows lands.

Coming in at #1 is Reacher, which is admittedly not as top shelf as Homeland when it comes to writing and acting, but makes up for it with action, humor, and one-liners.

Simply put, Alan Ritchson is a total badass in this role. That should shock nobody, seeing as he’s also one of the best options to play the next Terminator.

He is a lot of fun to watch, and there is a grit and rawness to this show initially. It does wane a bit near the end of season one, but with a character like Reacher, a looming second season promises to correct any past wrongs.

Reacher isn’t exactly like Jack Ryan, but it’s another Amazon product, and it’s a classic “soldier against the world” storyline that few can turn away.

Season two is almost here, so once you’re done checking out my other Jack Ryan-like TV shows above, be sure to binge Reacher season 1 and get ready for more skulls to get cracked.

Got some TV shows similar to Jack Ryan you think should make the cut? Tell me in the comments!

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