Who Should Star in a Darkseid Movie? Here Are 3 Actors That Could Be Perfect

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The internet is going wild with speculation as to what the future holds for the DCU these days. James Gunn is calling the shots and will supposedly unveil some of the studio’s plans in January.

Superman as we know him is already dead and gone. The Rock won’t be back as Black Adam, either. For the most part, anything you loved about the DCU won’t be the same.

That has me wondering what the studio could do with some huge characters – most notably some that really haven’t received the air time they arguably deserve.

Naturally, I’m thinking about actors who could play Darkseid. Unfamiliar? He is basically an immortal god that is impossible to kill. He’s perhaps the strongest/scariest villain the DCU has to offer, too.

In the name of Thanos, there has to be a Darkseid movie in the DCU’s new roadmap, and it’d be nice if they didn’t bog him down as some horribly CGI-laden monstrosity.

I don’t know how they’d go about it, but finding the perfect Darkseid actor has to be a goal. If that’s something Gunn and co. decide to take on, here are three actors who could play Darkseid.

Jason Clarke

I’m sure Jason Clarke is a nice guy, but he sure does have an evil stare and he plays bad guys beautifully.

That’s part of what would make the perfect Darkseid actor to carry movie, while we also know he has the demeanor and acting chops to fulfill the harsh demands of this role.

Serenity sure sucked, but Clarke was actually fantastic as the film’s antagonist. That’s probably the role that sells him the most for me, but he’s even more ruthless in Zero Dark Thirty.

He really pulls off the “there’s nothing left in those eyes” stare, doesn’t he?

Again, I’m not entirely sure how much of Clarke we’d see in Darkseid once the CGI gods are done with their handy work, but he’d be a heck of a canvas to start with, and his actual acting ability could take any potential Darkseid movie over the top.

If you’re wondering who plays Darkseid in any upcoming movie, I’d argue any conversation has to start with the haunting Clarke.

Javier Bardem

When deciding on actors who could play Darkseid, I’m factoring in sheer acting ability, piercing eyes, and the ability to completely control a room.

Given the impact CGI could have here, I don’t think height or build really matter, and right away the Javier Bardem Darkseid connection is made.

It’s perhaps just me in my own warped head, but I still see the stars aligning.

Anyone can play Darkseid if they can convince me they are capable of enslaving an entire universe and/or killing people for whatever reason they feel like.

Bardem played a stone-cold assassin with ease, and he’s always carried himself in such a stoic manner. His role in No Country for Old Men is probably the best thing to fall back on when debating if he’d be a fit for a Darkseid movie.

He’d bring serious acting ability to the table here, but it’s really all about his cold demeanor and his ability to a superiority complex without coming off as a total narcisist.

Of course, the latter wouldn’t really be a major problem for a guy who thinks it’s his job to enslave or kill everyone he runs into.

Javier Bardem as Darkseid would be must-see for any fan of comics or amazing acting performances. His resume guarantees it.

Ron Pearlman

I’ve given you two possible actors who could play Darkseid that are on the younger side that could breathe serious life into this supervillain, CGI be damned.

Of course, we’re talking about an immortal god who wants to rule everyone in existence, so perhaps a actor that is a little more long in the tooth and even more seasoned would make sense.

I offer you Ron Pearlman, who is now over 70, but absolutely has flashed the ability to run the show.

Most will remember him as the head honcho in Sons of Anarchy, and his dominance in that role is probably what gets the ball rolling.

That said, Pearlman has the experience and grit to master a role like this, and he’s played several bad guys in his time. He also has dipped his toe in the comic book world as Hellboy, so playing a character that’s a bit more out there would not be anything new to him.

Despite his advanced age, Pearlman is a big dude who carries a powerful voice and a can’t-miss tone. He’d have our attention (and fear) from the get-go, there’s no doubt about that.

I’m sure I could conjure up more potential lead actors for a Darkseid movie. To me, these are the three that stand out the most. Like/hate these options or have some of your own?

Let’s discuss in the comments section!

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