5 Breaking Bad Spin-Off Ideas That Make Too Much Sense

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Breaking Bad in its purest form has been gone since 2013. We’ve had some mild run-ins with Walter White and Jesse Pinkman to help nurse the wound.

El Camino was a stellar return to that world, and I’ve enjoyed commercials and the duo’s cameo in Better Call Saul. The latter show itself was a beautiful trip back in time, where we dug deep into the life of Saul Goodman.

That gave us a show that some would argue was even better than Breaking Bad. I don’t necessarily agree with that sentiment, but if approaching that is possible, why stop there?

Hence, the notion of more Breaking Bad spin-off ideas. Whether they’re one-shot movies, limited series, or another full-blown show, I’ve got a few ideas I think fans of the hit AMC show would enjoy.

1. Hank Schrader Prequel Series

Let’s start off with one of my favorite role players in Breaking Bad; Hank Schrader. Dean Norris played this role flawlessly; Hank was a classic man’s man, he was a family man, and he was also a bit of a badass.

Hank was the one that cracked the case when it came to discovering who Walter White truly was.

He also was one of the last people to meet his end due to all of Heisenberg’s shenanigans.

I don’t think spoilers qualify a decade later, but the now deceased Hank can’t exactly pick up where he left off. We can, however, go way back and navigate his career with the DEA.

This would naturally involved a full recasting, but it’d still get us back into a Vince Gilligan world, with the famed director ideally running point on the series.

2. More Jesse Pinkman, Please

I’m not exactly ranking my favorite Breaking Bad spin-offs I want to see. But if it were, getting a Jesse Pinkman series would probably top the list.

Personally, there’s no way to do a Jesse Pinkman TV show without the guy who made the role famous.

There’s no going back in time here, either, as we’ve seen a young Pinkman. The story is in what lies ahead of Pinkman, starting from the last time we saw him.

Vince Gilligan admittedly wrapped up Pinkman’s story neatly. However, he missed the character and felt it was necessary to return to this world to give us closure.

What if he and Aaron Paul aren’t done with this role just yet, though? I’d be more than fine with a limited or lengthened return. Paul is now 43, but he’s still young enough to give us multiple seasons of a well crafted Jesse Pinkman series, and knowing Gilligan, I have no doubt there’s still more story to tell.

3. Sins of the Father…

One of the cool things about the Dexter: New Blood limited series was how everything went full circle. Just as good was the fact that the show hadn’t forgotten about the main character’s kid, nor the impact his father (or his absence) had on him.

Something similar could be permeating for Walt Jr.

The last we heard of Walter White’s son, he had renounced his criminal father, and that was that. However, there could be something worth digging up here.

Whether it’s the fallout of his father’s death and/or the collapse of his criminal empire, or it’s Walter Jr. himself who breaks bad, there is absolutely a tale to be told that has us seeing Walt Jr’s future.

4. Gus Fring Prequel Series

This is a tough one, as we actually did get quite a bit of Gus Fring backstory. Breaking Bad dabbled in it, and Better Call Saul may have finished the job.

Much like some of the best Breaking Bad characters, we can’t continue Fring’s story that has already been told.

However, we could start from scratch with a brand new actor, and tell Fring’s story from a very young age and watch him evolve into the monster he one day becomes.

It’s certainly a tale that would be captivating, and I’m not the only one who’d be into it.

The downside? We wouldn’t exactly have the pleasure of witnessing more of the stoic Giancarlo Esposito, although I supposed he could be utilized in flash forward scenes.

You could do it, but my guess is a younger actor would make more sense.

5. A Show Where Skyler White Isn’t Annoying

Hear me out here; I don’t actually think Skyler White is annoying. I just agree with the actress that played her in that her character is made out to be a nagging naysayer.

In reality, she is a deceived wife that is facing a lot of insane obstacles. First, her family doesn’t have a ton of money. She’s also pregnant. Then her husband has cancer. To top it off, that same dude is now a ruthless drug lord.

Skyler White does all the things most anyone would do, and she’s seemingly lambasted for it by a lot of Breaking Bad fans.

Wouldn’t it be nice to rectify that vibe by giving Anna Gunn her own series?

She’s too strong and grounded to go completely off the rails (I think), but there’s one of two ways Gilligan and co. can go here. Either she has a sharp descent of her own, or we follow her as she endures all of the shrapnel from her husband’s untimely demise.

Which Breaking Bad Spin-Off TV Show Should Happen?

I didn’t rank my Breaking Bad spin-off ideas. As noted, I’d put a new Jesse Pinkman series at the top of the list if I had.

That said, the five ideas listed above are probably the only realistic options, and most of them would stray too far from the source material.

Ultimately, nobody would say no to more Jesse Pinkman. He’s still out there, so there remains some type of story to be told.

The other option I really like is a true prequel series that takes us way back, long before the main story ever took place. Think: Better Call Saul, but with Fring or Hank, and it starts from the very beginning.

All of these ideas sound great, though.

More than anything, I just want to be dropped back into the Breaking Bad universe again. Vince Gilligan seems like he’s done with it, but hopefully he returns to it one more time before he hangs it up.

Got a Breaking Bad spin-off idea of your own? Love or hate mine? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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