Sony and Nintendo Reportedly Making Live Action Legend of Zelda Movie

Legend of Zelda
  • A live action Legend of Zelda is finally arriving, Nintendo announced on their website.
  • The company will be teaming up with Sony to turn the cult classic video game into a movie.
  • The Maze Runner director Wes Ball has been tabbed to run the upcoming feature film.

It’s finally coming. Nintendo recently announced that die hard fans of the cult classic Legend of Zelda video game that a live action movie is on it’s way.

The news was delivered to Nintendo investors on the company’s website, with the feature film set to be produced by Shigeru Miyamoto and Avi Arad.

Wes Ball has been tabbed as the film’s director, but no official word on casting or a release date has been confirmed.

Nintendo Keeps Legend of Zelda Movie in the Family

Having official Nintendo executives on hand to produce the Legend of Zelda movie should have fans resting easy as far as source material and authenticity goes.

Miyamoto is the Representative Director and Fellow of Nintendo, while Arad is the Chairman of Arad Productions Inc. and has been behind numerous big budget films.

Arad’s involvement could be viewed as a positive or negative, of course.

He had his hands on failures such as Morbius and Ghost in the Shell, after all. Still, he helped bring Uncharted to life successfully from the video game realm to the big screen, and also played a role in huge successes such as Venom and the latest Spider-Man franchise.

The movie is expected to be financed at least partially by Nintendo, with Sony picking up the rest of the slack.

Legend of Zelda Movie in Good Hands with Wes Ball

The 43-year old Ball is an underrated hire to direct the live action Legend of Zelda film. Ball does not have a lengthy film-making resume, but he was at the helm of a hugely successful blockbuster franchise.

Ball directed all three movies in The Maze Runner series, with the original film in the trilogy scoring a respectable 65% on Rotten Tomatoes.

He was also tabbed to run the upcoming Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes film, which already dropped it’s trailer.

Ball has a knack for taking quality source material and accurately portraying it on the big screen, so Nintendo fans should feel good about where this Legend of Zelda film is headed.

Next up will be Legend of Zelda casting decisions, with debate over who could play Link arguably taking center stage.

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