Netflix Aims to Capitalize on Success of ‘Suits’, Will Add More Established Shows

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The days of Netflix soaking up loads of paying customers that want to watch The Office on an endless loop are over.

Netflix did manage to stop the bleeding a bit when they nabbed the rights to Seinfeld, of course, and they again found success with Suits.

Both hit series are no longer running on the air, and Netflix having exclusive rights to them makes them a hot spot for nostalgic viewers.

Netflix Finds Success With Old Shows

Netflix has numerous other deals with hit series that are no longer in production, too. The media giant harbors Breaking Bad, Insecure, and The Walking Dead.

The list goes on and on, and per reports, the decision-makers at Netflix want to see it grow even more.

We believe this will deliver additional value for our members.

Netflix per a recent shareholder letter

Netflix has had success with their own original series, but it’s tough to compete with established, iconic television.

There’s a reason why NBC fought to get back The Office, Hulu obtained the rights to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and MAX snagged Friends; people love what they already know.

What’s Coming Next?

So, what’s on the horizon? That’s anyone’s guess, but whatever Netflix targets next, you better believe it has a big audience that is looking for a go-to spot for an old favorite.

On top of that, Netflix has seen the value not only in licensing shows that already existed and did well, but also continuing them.

Could that mean your favorite TV show could be brought back to life on Netflix? Depending on what the media company decides, the answer could be yes, and in more ways than one.

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